Benefits of Outdoor Living

Where is your favorite place to spend time outdoors? Do you have a peaceful oasis to which you can escape when you need to recharge?

Now that summer has arrived, most of us turn our attention to cookouts, yard work, fishing and camping, anything that will get us outside enjoying the beautiful mornings and evenings.

Covered patio with firepit

Whether your favorite escape is outside of town or in your own backyard, relaxing outdoors is one of the best ways to spend these upcoming summer months.

But relaxation likely isn’t the only thing you get out of the deal when you spend time outside. Did you know there are multiple health benefits to being outdoors?

The Harvard Health Letter out of Harvard Medical School confirms one reason we’ve all suspected to be true: your body’s production of Vitamin D goes way up when you spend even just 10-15 minutes out in the sun several times per week. Vitamin D supports your body’s ability to protect itself against depression, osteoporosis, heart attacks, and more, so make sure you’re getting outside!

And for those with that familiar feeling of mental fatigue, brought on by overstimulation and extended amounts of stress, spending outside offers a cure. A scientific study by Berman, Jonides and Kaplan (2008) found that exposing the mind to “restorative environments” and nature scenes helped bounce mental energy back to its original state.

Deck over screened-in patio

Why not experience these benefits for yourself, in your own private retreat space?

Whether you want to carve out a brand new space in your backyard or beautify your existing outdoor living area, our team is ready to work with you. Check out examples of great outdoor spaces here and contact us today to get started!

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